Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Babalu Blog faced The Washington Post for publishing a despicable image about Cuban exile. The Babalu guys not only provide news every day, they also fight for us with radio programs, events in behalf of Cuba's Freedom, and more. I drink my coffee in the morning reading its news because of the lack of egos and the amount of passion; they hit upon facts working it out until they are Val, Fontova, and the others, Thanks!!!!! Gracias!!!!!!

Eufrates del Valle
El Imparcial Digital


Val Prieto said...

Gracias, Eufrates!

Anonymous said...

a mi tambien me encanta babalublog... y estoy disfrutando este nuevo blog, es diferente, entretenido y me conecta con San Nicolas del Peladero. Compadre, es que yo creci con ese programa.

Anonymous said...

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